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19th October 2020 3866 - Blog Posts

Financial Services and Investment Managers as in so many other industries, remain struggling to navigate in these uncertain times. The speed and rapid transformation of what was previously held and considered as normal working practices have become huge challenges, particularly around resources which are now predominantly remote workers, with many of them furloughed. Business leaders are seeking innovation as to how they maintain business continuity, by having to do more but with less, and increased geographically disparate human resource. One relatively ‘quick win’ is by employing Compliance technology, which can significantly compensate for resource shortages and scarcity, whilst simultaneously improving compliance controls and audit.

Innovators are looking at how they may leverage technology and automation to provide an improved service, whilst optimising costs and simultaneously reducing operational overhead. Compliance technology can accomplish all of these undertakings and more. Effectively having the ability to expand and contract as business requirements dictate and moreover, deliver an effective measure towards future-proofing compliance operations, both during the pandemic and the foreseeable future, providing both short-term and longer-term options.

Services can be either self-managed or managed, dependent upon business requirement. Mentioning just a few key areas outlines the potential of investing in technologies and services that create an approach to delivering key elements of Compliance.  RegTech technology based on both Software as a Service and hosted services platforms. On-boarding new and existing clients becomes less onerous and administrative workload reduced together with streamlined workflows.  Compliance conduct monitoring performs strong audit transparency combined with reducing risk. Anti-money laundering recognises fraudulent behaviours and associated reputational and integrity risks. Geographical and regional directives are more easily administered and adhered to.

The previous highlights are just a few of the benefits that can be made through embracing and adopting RegTech. Financial Services Firms and Managers could be well placed to investigate, as they navigate the current and potential post pandemic landscape.

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Joe Woodbury
Director, Investment Management Solutions

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