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Are you taking too much risk from onboarding investors or clients?

Outsourcing compliance to Lawson Conner gives you access to external, sector-specific compliance and structuring resources that might not exist within your organisation otherwise. Compliance outsourcing allows for a flexible, long-term and short-term response to variable workloads.

Our Onboarding software, which reduces administrative costs for financial services firms typically by 50-80%, can be fully outsourced and managed by Lawson Conner, or provided on a self-managed, software only basis (SaaS) or managed compliance basis (mSaaS).

Key Features

  • User-friendly functionality combined with deep expertise across a wide range of regulatory issues
  • Service modules addressing the core regulatory requirements for investment managers
  • A rigorous workflow management system covering all regulatory requirements
  • Highly customisable to client requirements
  • Securely hosted on Lawson Conner’s in-house infrastructure
  • Highly scalable to meet your increasing throughput
  • Easily adaptable to accommodate new regulations and regulation in multiple jurisdictions


  • Time efficient, paperless workflow processing
  • Centralised audit trails for regulator reviews
  • Dedicated data infrastructure in-house
  • Portal-based and accessible globally
  • Intuitive multi-tab processing, easy to use for staff
  • Future-proof architecture – interfaces with other service providers and online data exchange

The onboarding module provides ease of use, increased speed of onboarding, audit trails and record-keeping, all in one convenient place.

  • Considerably saves time and cost
  • Reduces administrational activities and paper
  • Ensures that no critical due diligence is missed
  • Keeps all relevant communications inside one system
  • Available on various screens and mobile devices
  • Highly secure, in-house infrastructure platform

Developed by Lawson Conner’s inhouse compliance development team and used by over 1,000 users today.

Please get in touch so we can help you reduce your risks and increase your operational efficiency.

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