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Compliance Conduct Monitoring Software for Financial Services Firms

Reduce compliance risks and increase efficiency through smart monitoring technology

Regulators around the globe have identified critically important areas in relation to financial services firms’ understanding of their regulatory obligations, control and oversight of their regulated activities and employees. 

The new Senior Managers and Certification Regime is only adding more responsibility for senior managers to monitor the compliance conduct of their organisations.

Regulated firms must be able to demonstrate that they comply with their obligations to:

  • Understand the nature, scale and complexity of the risks arising from all regulated activities
  • Put in place an appropriate compliance conduct monitoring program
  • Be able to show audit full trails and documentation
  • Put in place adequate controls over their employees’ regulated activities for which the firm has responsibility
  • Have adequate resources in place to monitor and enforce compliance with the relevant regulated requirements

We can help you meet regulatory demands, through the use of smart compliance software which helps regulated firms reduce compliance risks and increase operational efficiency.

We offer the solution as either:

  • A standalone SaaS software solution, or
  • As a managed compliance solution whereby we operate your entire compliance program (mSaaS)

How we can help you

  • Complete compliance monitoring software platform offered as SaaS solution, called LC System which is used by your compliance team or as managed compliance solution
  • Tailored monitoring program all on a fully integrated software platform
  • Smart workflow management system for meet key areas of FCA compliance including conduct monitoring, training & development, log management and personal dealing.
  • Full audit trail of compliance conduct for all relevant employees’

Key features and benefits

  • Use of state-of-art software platform focused on the needs of the financial services industry
  • Web-based application which can be set-up within only a few days
  • Increases compliance transparency meeting the latest regulatory requirements
  • Available as either self-managed software or fully outsourced managed service
  • Full flexibility to deal with regulatory changes such as GDPR, the Senior Managers and Certifications Regime
  • Reduces administrative costs for regulated firms by up to 50-80%
  • Complete audit trail to meet FCA expectations
  • Reducing your firm’s compliance risks

Compliance Conduct Monitoring

Firms without effective compliance risk management frameworks which identify, monitor and manage compliance may be subject to civil or criminal prosecution, and might find that other authorities in addition to the FCA become involved.

With the introduction of the Senior Managers and Certification Regime the responsibilities and risks for senior managers in financial services firms has only increased.

  • LC system actively manages the responsibilities of senior managers and monitoring conduct compliance.
  • LC system provides transparency and manages compliance actions and mitigations, as conditions change in real time.
  • LC System has incorporated the FCA regulations into the solution to enable you to take immediate control through active management of responsibilities.
  • LC System offers the flexibility to be configured by your organization and be rapidly adapted as regulations change or exceptions appear.
  • Our tech-enabled compliance conduct monitoring solution offers the maximum flexibility for your firm as well as covering key FCA requirements.

Our integrated solution allows you to record and keep records of all the relevant checks and activities as part of the required compliance monitoring regime. Any monitoring activities are recorded and managed as part of a compliance workflow.

Centralisation of the compliance logs is absolutely crucial for speed, retrieval and review. Our LC System is comprehensive and easy to use for monitoring regulatory compliance.

All relevant compliance communication and critical information is easy to find and retrieve. With LC System you will have all compliance reports at your fingertips and our helpful Lawson Conner staff will be happy support you.

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