Anti Money Laundering Compliance Software

Preventing financial crime in an uncertain world – anti money laundering compliance

Complying with the latest AML regulations can be a huge challenge for private practices, law firms and financial services firms. In the current climate rules become more complex and anti money laundering compliance against terrorist financing is thrust into the spotlight.

Lawson Conner’s anti money laundering compliance software (MaxComply) can cut your AML processing time by up to 80%

Key features:

  • MaxComply includes workflow management software to easily manage surveillance, preventing money laundering and the potential to fund terrorism
  • It supports the fourth EU Anti money laundering directive that has recently come into force, which includes registering beneficial ownership and taking a risk-based approach to overseeing anti money laundering compliance
  • All global AML regulations, including regional sanctions, CTF requirements and FATCA
  • One integrated, scalable and flexible platform
  • Easily adaptable to changes in money laundering and terrorist financing regulations
  • The system is powerful but user friendly – it is intuitive and simple to learn
  • You could be up and running within 24 hours

With Lawson Conner’s software, your compliance team will be able to make better decisions faster, while safely automating onboarding and AML monitoring processes.

We provide:

  • The entire management of AML projects (capital raising projects, new client take-on processes, transactional AML support)
  • Detailed due diligence reports created by expert risk analysts with regional specific language capabilities and local market insights
  • Detailed assessment of anti-bribery and corruption, anti-money laundering, and related reputational and integrity risks

We help to manage part, or all, of your compliance processes from on-boarding, AML screening through to monitoring. This leaves your team free to focus on core business activities, without needing to build up a dedicated compliance resource in-house.

How to get started?

Lawson Conner’s system can be provided on a standalone Software as a Service (SaaS) basis or mSaaS (managed SaaS) –  a managed compliance basis, where LC delivers the entire AML function on your behalf.

Get in touch today to discuss how our system could streamline your anti-money laundering process without compromising on compliance.

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