PRIIPs – KIDs generator

What are PRIIPs?

Packaged retail investment and insurance-based products (PRIIPs) make up a broad category of financial assets that are regularly provided to consumers in the European Union (EU) through banks or other financial institutions as an alternative to savings accounts. Those producing or selling packaged retail investment and insurance-based investment products (PRIIPs) have to provide Key Information Documents (KIDs).

KIDs depend on the quality of the underlying source data and assumptions. For example the performance scenarios, which are highly mathematical, compound any errors over time showing incorrect scenario outcomes which may be misleading to retail investors. No service provider will accept any liability if these numbers are wrong and you, as the issuer of the financial product, may be liable for any incorrect information published.

Our KIDs software can help with the following:

  • Complete software solution for the production of KIDs
  • Verification checks
  • Monthly monitoring services in line with EU regulations for the production and maintenance of PRIIPs-KIDs, which include:
    • Re-calculating all performance scenarios based on the last 5 years trading data
    • Re-basing any trading data to reflect any corporate actions and special dividends (stripping out non-recurring and special distributions)
    • Reviewing updated performance scenarios against current publication
    • Assessing new data against regulated thresholds (3% and 5% differences)
    • Recalculation of SRI score and volatility scenarios (MRM score)
    • Review of cost calculations as appropriate
    • Sending alerts to clients
    • Re-production of KID and relevant files for distribution (EMT, EPT – as applicable)
    • Project management: delivering the end-to-end process to assure a robust, efficient and timely KID production process
    • Documentation and audit trail (6 years) for any regulatory inquiries (regulatory documentation)
    • Use of Lawson Conner’s internal PRIIPS-KIDs generator for the production of new KIDs

Your choice: benefit from your own standalone SaaS or managed service (mSaaS) 

Our dedicated PRIIPs-KIDs team would be delighted to discuss how we can assist your company with all aspects of the new regulations.

Watch our recent webinar (video recording): ‘Solution to your PRIIPs KIDs problem

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