Managed Security Services

Prevent, Detect and Respond to Cyber Attacks

Lawson Conner can help you manage endpoint detection and response services with our Managed Security Services. We provide the most comprehensive endpoint security platform available. It is a cost-effective and efficient way to secure an organisation’s information assets and continuously monitor and access cyber threats and anomalous activities. If a threat has bypassed your organisations security perimeter, we will track it, disable it and analyse its origins.

Recently, risks of cyber attacks have grown exponentially as fund managers and financial services firms have become more integrated with counter-parties and system architectures have grown in complexity. Due to the industry’s heavy reliance on data and the sensitivity of the data involved in financial services transactions the sector is considered to be one of the most vulnerable sectors.

This service is specifically tailored for those most vulnerable, the smaller and mid size fund managers and financial services firms who do not have the budgets to afford full-time, dedicated IT risk specialists. It is integrated with our investment manager platform which significantly reduces administration and costs.

Service Features

Gain visibility across the internal network, protect against attacks including ransomware, malware, insider threats and previously unknown threats. Rapid, automated response and remediation ensures highest level security, regardless of the threat. Services are provided by Lawson Conner and partners.

  • Managed Prevention, Detection and Response – The platform detects threats across thousands of endpoints
  • User & Entity Behaviour Analytics (UEBA) – Help IT security teams to identify rogue insiders, compromised accounts and targeted attacks before the damage is done
  • Network Behaviour Analytics – Full visibility into and analysis of network traffic and activity across the organisation
  • UBA Verification – Provides enterprise security teams with the ability to analyse user activity and verifies those accessing organisational assets
  • Incident Response – 24/7 incident response is led by a team of seasoned security experts
  • Threat Intelligence – Utilise 20 internal and external databases providing information on threat intelligence and integrating input from ICOs
  • Forensics – Easy tracking of alerts , threats and associated processes within the friendly GUI
  • Deception – Strategically place decoy files, folders, servers and shares, luring an attacker to traps. Tracking mechanisms then monitor and provide a clear picture of tracker activity

All Managed Security Services offered by Lawson Conner and partners leverage our leading cyber security technology which saves time and costs to analyse, monitor and implement IT infrastructure. Clients of Lawson Conner benefit from a team of experts in cyber security and Lawson Conner’s best practise expertise.

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