General Partner Due Diligence

Lawson Conner are well positioned to assist institutional investors, including pension funds, sovereign wealth funds and other investor financial institutions, in their potential General Partner (GP) evaluation, selection and onboarding.

General Partner Due Diligence and Selection

Within the private equity industry we are seeing a shift with Limited Partners (LPs) conducting or needing a greater level of due diligence on the General Partners (GPs) they invest with. This can be broadly grouped into four key areas; people, performance, process, and price.

Outsourcing of General Partner due diligence to Lawson Conner gives you access to our dedicated team of experts, software and resources that might not exist within your organisation otherwise. Outsourcing can be done on a permanent or a single project basis and allows for a flexible, long-term and short-term response to variable workloads.

Our onboarding software, which reduces administrative costs typically by 50-80%, can be fully outsourced and managed by Lawson Conner, or provided on a self-managed, software only basis or managed basis.

Why Lawson Conner

  • State-of-the-art due diligence portal tailored for the purpose of LP’s evaluation of GPs
  • Ability to tailor due diligence requirements to your specific selection program
  • Access to Lawson Conner’s dedicated team of experts
  • Global presence
  • Save processing time and cost by up to 50-80%
  • Ability and flexibility to outsource part or all of your selection, due diligence and onboarding process to Lawson Conner
  • Single point of contact and ability to provide services in the time-zone of your choice

Contact us today to find out more and see how we can help you in your potential General Partner (GP) evaluation.

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