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Key facts you need to know about PRIIPs KIDs

7th September 2018 - Blog Posts - Knowledge Library

New regulations on Packaged Retail Investment and Insurance Products (PRIIPs) were introduced by the European Commission in January 2018. Part of this included the mandate that every investor considering a PRIIP must be provided with a consumer-friendly Key Information Document (KID), a standardised pre-sale disclosure which details risks, possible returns, costs, how to withdraw funds early, complaints procedures and other relevant information. This blog post covers the key facts that you need to know about PRIIPs KIDs. (more…)

Appointed representative or direct FCA authorisation?

4th July 2018 - Blog Posts - Knowledge Library

It can be difficult for fund managers to weigh up whether to obtain direct authorisation from the Financial Conduct Authority or whether to use an appointed representative instead. There are pros and cons to both scenarios and in this blog we will examine the advantages of each.  (more…)

AML & KYC – What is the Difference?

22nd June 2018 - Blog Posts - Knowledge Library

‘Anti-Money Laundering’ (AML) and ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) are terms at the forefront of the financial industry, as institutions take firm steps to crack down on financial crime and the financing of terrorism. There can be some confusion sometimes, though, about the difference between KYC and AML, so in this blog post we will explain what that is.  (more…)

Key facts you need to know about the Cayman Island’s Anti-Money Laundering Regulations

31st May 2018 - Blog Posts - Knowledge Library

The Cayman Islands is one of the jurisdictions of choice for global investors, but there have been numerous changes to the regulatory framework recently, particularly with regards to Cayman AML regulations. The new Anti-Money Laundering regulations came in to force in October 2017, but the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) issued updated guidance in December of last year. (more…)

How LPs Select a GP – The 4 Ps

22nd May 2018 - Article - Knowledge Library

The private equity industry has remained largely unchanged for many years – until recently it has broadly been unaffected by digitalisation like most other industries. However, we are now seeing a shift in the ecosystem, with a greatly increased level of due diligence undertaken by the Limited Partner (LP) when selecting a General Partner (GP) to invest with. Within this article we will take a close look at four particular areas of review; people, performance, process, and price. (more…)

How AI and Blockchain are Reshaping Private Equity

15th May 2018 - Article - Knowledge Library

We are operating in an era of digital disruption – where fintech is no longer a buzz word, but the norm. One specific area which has traditionally been largely unaffected by technological progression is Private Equity. However that is set to change with the industry beginning to embrace the opportunities provided by blockchain and artificial intelligence. Within this article we will explore the use cases for the technologies themselves, and consider how they may transform Private Equity as we know it. (more…)

Luxembourg as a financial hub and Lawson Conner’s Lux AIFM solution

6th February 2018 - Knowledge Library

 Lux AIFM solution
Lux AIFM solution (PDF)

Lawson Conner’s Lux AIFM solution remains a possible strategy you need to know about.

Who is affected
Fund Managers, Wealth Managers and Financial Services Firms.

Luxembourg has become the largest investment fund centre in Europe, and it is set to have a greater pull for UK fund managers and investors post-Brexit, as uncertainty mounts about whether the UK will retain access to the single market (more…)

The state of the Hedge Fund market

6th January 2018 - Knowledge Library - White Papers

Who is affected?
Alternative Investment Fund Managers, Portfolio Managers, Traders

2017 has seen greater potential for profitability for emerging investment firms, and general investor negativity towards hedge fund fees has declined. This update will look at some of the key reports that have been released over the course of the last couple of months, and focus on assessing the state of the hedge fund market as well as discussing the trends that we could see in 2018.  (more…)

Robo Advice and Artificial Intelligence – What is it and what does it mean for your firm?

6th September 2017 - Knowledge Library - White Papers

Robo advice has the potential to affect all financial services firms as it seeks to provide traditional investment and financial services, both regulated (such as advice) and unregulated (such as guidance), cheaper and quicker than traditional firms. It essentially replaces human interaction and decision-making processes with algorithms.


With improvements to technology and in particular artificial intelligence, the FCA has had to consider ways in which to regulate these activities – the so called ‘robo advice’. (more…)

CyberSecurity – threats from high and low

6th April 2017 - Knowledge Library - White Papers

Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting systems, networks, and programs from digital attacks. It is the state of being protected against the criminal or unauthorized use of electronic data, or the measures taken to achieve this. Regulatory Compliance is a critical component of any cybersecurity program.

Andrew Frost, Director, Investment Management Solutions of Lawson Conner, looks at the cyber intrusion challenges facing the industry in the near future.

Extract: Criminals are investing much more time researching target organisations and their staff so that they can craft more realistic emails in order to trick the  employees into complying with their orders. As employees are spending more and more time outside of work hours responding to emails on their personal devices, users are more likely to fall for well-crafted email scams.  (more…)

FinTech: innovation and compliance

6th April 2016 - Knowledge Library

Andrew Frost, Director, Investment Management Solutions, explores the challenges faced by UK FinTechs and discusses why compliance and regulation should be considered from the outset in order to avoid delays and the potential loss of revenue at launch.

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Institutional investors support external ManCos

6th March 2016 - Knowledge Library

Lawson Conner’s Daniel Maycock, Director, Investment Management Solutions, and Andrew Frost, Director, Investment Management Solutions, discuss the support of institutional investors towards external ManCos in the 2016 Global Fund Media AIFMD Fund Services Report.

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FinTech Connect Live interview with Lawson Conner

6th December 2015 - Knowledge Library

Andrew Frost, Director, Investment Management Solutions, is interviewed at the FinTech Connect Live Conference 2015, where Gerhard Grueter, Managing Director, presented on How to ensure that your start-up is regulatory compliant(more…)

Regulatory demands for FinTech – Lawson Conner interview with the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment

6th November 2015 - Knowledge Library

On Tuesday 11th November, 2015, Gerhard Grueter, Managing Director of Lawson Conner, led a one hour seminar with Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI) members at the FinTech Professional Forum.  (more…)

A new way of accessing Europe’s EUR19trn market

6th September 2015 - Knowledge Library

In September 2015, HedgeWeek spoke to Lawson Conner’s Daniel Maycock, Director, Investment Management Solutions, about the introduction of AIFMD, the implication of this and the options open to US hedge funds for entering the European market.

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System integration has created cyber threat

6th July 2015 - Knowledge Library

Gerhard Grueter, Managing Director of Lawson Conner, discusses how cybersecuirty risks have grown as global businesses have become more integrated with counterparties and system architectures have grown in complexity.

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Setting up a hedge fund under AIFMD – Global Fund Media interview Lawson Conner

6th February 2015 - Knowledge Library

In February 2015, Global Fund Media (GFM) published a Guide to AIFMD as a GFM Special Report. Included in this was an interview with Lawson Conner’s Managing Director, Gerhard Grueter, and Daniel Maycock, Director, Investment Management Solutions, discussing setting up a hedge fund under AIFMD.

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