Hedge Funds

Lawson Conner provide deep knowledge, expertise and smart software solutions to hedge funds and the broader alternative asset management industry to tackle the challenges posed by an ever changing regulatory environment.

Hedge fund managers are facing a number of challenges today: increased pressure on management and performance fees, higher reporting and transparency requirements from regulators and investors, and last but not least higher return expectations. Established managers have the challenge of adapting their operating models to accommodate these new demands.

Our dedicated practice for alternative investment managers and hedge funds offers knowledge and expertise to help managers focus on what they are good at: trading and raising capital . We can deal with the rest.

Whether you are thinking of launching a new fund or need help with any existing related compliance and regulatory infrastructure, contact us to discuss various options available.

Lawson Conner provide one-stop solutions to hedge funds and alternative investment fund managers, including: regulatory infrastructure, managed compliance services, post  trade surveillance, delegated risk management, regulatory reporting (for example Annex IV, FATCA, Gabriel reporting) and compliance software.

We are looking forward to speaking to you! Let us show you how we can reduce regulatory risks and increase operational efficiency.

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